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Whatever IT Takes

100 Percent Intense

The Super RPG
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I am Jen, I am the Mod. I also moderate 1degrassirpg. But I enjoy multitasking. So thats that.
So some ground rules? Yes, I think so.
1. When you comment or join on the info page please join WITH YOUR CHARACTERS LJ username. You will need a character LJ which you will need to post in AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK.
2. You will also need a character AIM name. This is for chatting with other characters etc- it makes the degrassi world a little more 100 percent intense.
3. Do not feel limited to the stories on degrassi. Please shake things up a little- make up your own stories. You always thought JT and Terri would make a cute couple? Figure out a way to make that happen. But make sure you read the community journal and the character journals so your stories dont conflict.
4.If you are not involved with the community I will give you a warning and then I will give you a week to get involved. If you still arent, you will be removed. This is only fair because a lot of people want to play different characters. So that is that.
5. HAVE FUN! Thats what this is supposed to be isnt it?
6. When you comment to join, put your favorite episode of degrassi in the comment so I know you read the rules.
7. Keep in mind this is only a game- if someone starts a fight with you dont take it seriously- remember this is not reality!!! :)

The Following Characters are Open:

Grade 8(or9)
Kendra Mason- OPEN
Nadia Jamir- OPEN

Grade 9(or10)
Chris Sharpe- OPEN
Emma Nelson-OPEN
Liberty Van Zandt- OPEN
Sean Cameron- OPEN
Manny Santos- Played by ___mannyxsantos
JT Yorke- OPEN
Toby Isaacs- OPEN

Grade 10(or 11)
Craig Manning- Played by overxsposed_
Ashley Kerwin- Played by lostxashleyxk
Paige Michalchuk-OPEN
Marco Del Rossi-Played by magical_marco
Jay Hogart- Played by gangstarebel
Spinner Mason-Played by sexsuprman_spin
Jimmy Brooks- OPEN
Hazel Aden- OPEN
Ellie Nash-played by drowning_ellie
Terri McGreggor- OPEN
Sully- OPEN
Rick- OPEN

Grade 12
Dylan Michalchuk- OPEN
Dean- OPEN

YAY! Start commenting/joining/posting!
<3, Jen
Moderator 143_degrass_rpg